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Editor's Note

For me, UTM ROBOCON is a beacon of knowledge for me. Ever since I entered, I have learned so much from the team, (how to solder, design a circuit, riveting aluminum, and use simple programming to make a robot move). I can never express how I feel about the team and how much they have contributed to me.

After joining for one year, I realize that it is not just a beacon of knowledge. It is more a platform of contribution. In there, I were able to contribute my energy, knowledge and help to build a strong team. Once I have taken, now I return.

For me, sharing is the most noble thing one could do. In a famous song, the Circle of Life, there is a quote "One should never take more than giving". This has been the main reason this weblog was created. To share knowledge with all.

Back to the beginning of this note, we should keep learning everyday and ROBOCON have given that chance to do it. "Taking technology to another level" was the theme for ROBOCON 2011 Bangkok. Of course the path is not easy to take.

In the end of they day, learning and sharing remains the most important virtue in life and hopefully this weblog serve that purpose well.

Khin Hooi
Weblog Regulator, for UTM ROBOCON 2011
Undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Johor Bahru Campus.
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