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Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) a non-profit, non-government, professional association of broadcasting organizations, formed to facilitate the development of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region and ti organize co-operative activities amongst its members. One of the famous activity organized is the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ROBOCON).

The first event was held in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. And the years after, different countries are hosting the game annually. Different types of culture are used as the theme of the contest. For example, the 2004 game in Seoul, South Korea, the legend of two separated lovers, Gyeonwoo and Jiknyeo are used.

This year's game have the theme of Robo-Pharaohs Built Pyramids. The contest is about finishing three uncompleted Pyramids of Giza, namely Khufu, Khafraa and Mankaura. Using one manual controlled robot and two to three autonomous robots, each team will have to complete the task in three minutes.

Each year's game is a new challenge to all the participating universities, colleges and institutes. Because of the different hosting countries and the richness of culture, you will never know the theme until the current year's game has ended.

For more information about the contest, do check out the ABU website or just drop by
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