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Thursday, June 23, 2011

News - UTM won first and second place in the National Robocon 2011 Competition

UTM Robocon Team has once again proved their mettle in the National Robocon 2011 Competition when they secured first and second place in the competition held in the USIM on 13 to 18 June 2011.

ROBOCON is a robot design competition organised by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and SIRIM Berhad which aims to provide opportunities for university students to develop their potential and creativity in the field of robotics.

The National Robocon 2011 Competition is themed “Hibiscus: Unity for 1 Nation”, in which each team had to create a hibiscus which is our national flower. The team which could build a complete hibiscus in three minutes was given a “Mekar” (Blossom). UTM 2011 Robocon team
consisted of 25 students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

UTM sent three teams to the Robocon 2011 Competition and all the teams qualified for the quarter-final round after winning in their respective groups and the game in the second round. In the semifinals, the UTM B team defeated teams from Multimedia University (MMU) and UTM C team defeated a team from the University of Petronas (UTP).

What is most encouraging is that both winnings achieved the “Mekar”. UTM B team managed to become champion by beating UTM C team at the end by doing “Mekar”.

During the Robocon 2011 Competition, only three teams from UTM were able to do “Mekar” with UTM B doing it six times out of eight games.

As a result, UTM B won a cash prize of RM10, 000, and UTM C winning RM 7,000 as runner-up. UTM B was also selected as the Best Engineering Award winning prizes worth RM 3,000.

The UTM 2011 Robocon team has once again been chosen to represent Malaysia at the International Robocon Competition in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2011.


Grabbed from NewsHub at UTM


Tian-Qiong(Allison) said...

Congratulation ! All the hard work paid off! Good luck in Thailand. ;-D

kxkhor said...

Thanks ya...^.^

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