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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Singapore Robotic Games 2011

Singapore Robotic Games 2011 (SRG) which is also known as the Robot Olympics of Singapore since 1993. Recently, it was held  on 25 January 2011 - 27 January 2011 at Science Centre Singapore.

This event was organized to inculcate the automation culture to general public. It acts as a platform for the young engineers to expose more knowledge and experience in robotics sector.

There are 17 competitions were carried out by the organizer as listed below:
  • Open Category
  • Legged Robot Obstacle Race 
  • Legged Robot Marathon Race 
  • Wall Climbing Robot Competition 
  • Pole-Balancing Robot Competition
  • International Robot Contest - Challenge Course
  • RC Sumo Robot Competition
  • Autonomous Sumo Robot Competition
  • Micromouse Competition (Open, JC/ITE and Sec.Sch.)
  • Robot Colony Competition
  • Schools Robotic Competitions (for secondary schools)
  • RC & Autonomous Underwater Robot Competition
  • Robot Soccer Competition, and
  • Humanoid Robot Competition 

Cute puppies dance in open categories competition.

One of the wall-climbing robot was training...

Pole balancing robot competition is one of the most intriguing competition that attracted me the most.
During the competition, the robot have to carry the free fall pole with two axes of freedom and move along the specific path to perform the task.

High resolution rotary encoder was mounted at the moving axes in order to get the feedback so that it can maintain the pole in a stable vertical position.

Obviously, SRG required a higher technology level compare with Robocon. Robot like underwater robot, humanoid robot, intelligent robot needed advance of technology in term of mechanical, electronics and as well as programming. 


On the other hand, ABU Robocon with the different theme of  games every year make it even more challenging and interesting for the participated team. Robocon is an output of a team, thus it  required technology as well as the value of team work that bring the team for the victory. 

G-Robot from RT Corporation

All the young generation are encouraged to join this kind of event because it creates valuable friendship among young enthusiasts with similar interest and enable them to realize their dreams and improve their technical skills through the self-invented robots.

by kkx

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