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Friday, November 5, 2010

SolidWorks Wonders - DC Brushed Motor

What a Solid Works Wonder, to draw and render a motor from scratch. Kudos to Fazzlil for the picture. Some notes on DC motor here.

Some say that DC motor is very good and robust but the performance does not last long. That is why it is necessary to purchase new motor each year (provided there is money). The speed and torque can be very high. On the other hand, DC Brushless Motor performs less than DC Brushed Motor but it can last much longer. Give and take, I guess the DC brushless motor is better in terms of price.

Some times, DC Brushed Motor can be a dangerous object to play with. That is why a good motor driver is needed to run a motor. Companies have tried for years researching the best motor driver. That is why a good motor driver is very expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands.


Anonymous said...

hello there,firstly congratulation upon winning this year competition. secondly,
can i know what type of motor driver did you guys used? how much does it cost per unit? thank you.

khinhooi said...

Dear Anonymous,

We use many kinds of DC motor driver. Some we fabricate our own relay H bridge with MOSFET to control the speed. Some are from Cytron, check out MD10C, enhanced 10A DC Motor Driver. Some we use precision drive which is not cheap (I am not allowed to disclose the item here).

Hope this will answer your question.


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