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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

News - Congratulations Juniors

I was quite a while since the Autocar competition but the past is past. Now we are facing the next year's game with new challenge in mind and a goal in our heart, to be the CHAMPION of ABU ROBOCON 2011.

Not forgetting to mention, welcome to our junior for the team. Congratulation for being in one of the most powerful team in Malaysia and one of the most influential team in UTM. 

Here are the members:

Kah Meng
Ren Sin

Kiong Bui
Hong Chirt
Kok Long
Weng Kit
Thol Yong
Liang Xuan
Shin Yee
Kuan Chuan

Bear in mind, the success is not a destination but rather a journey and a thousand step journey will not start if the first step is not taken. Success is not easy but as a team, nothing is impossible. For full list, please visit the Our Team Members page.

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thinesh said...

Please update the juniors deparment.

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