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Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Path?

It is not to say that joining ROBOCON is not tiring, exhausting, sometimes stressful and it does affect our study. Sometimes humans in ROBOCON is seen as a robots creating another robot. But is the view fair? Do we really need that kind of credit?

Obviously if seen from our side of the mirror, we don't really mind those thinking and view. Being a ROBOCON member has its own advantage and privilege. We know that it is time go grow up and think for OURSELVES.

Thus the path is laid there. We are the one who have chosen the path. The path of a member of ROBOCON. We know that we are no longer kids who play around. We know that we are not teenagers that linger around. We are now a fully grown adult.

Some might say it is a waste for not enjoying the time while you are in your youth. Of course we beg to differ. Humans have different thinking and choice of life. Probably the joy is there to have your own creating and see your work comes into a success. Joy is not all about shopping and gaming and lingering.

Therefore, the path is laid. You are at a cross road now.

Have you chosen your path?

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