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Thursday, August 19, 2010


it is a nice phrase which is used by my department leader all the way long doing robot’s mechanism.

He is a creative person that I look up to,

who inspired me a lot in Robocon…

It is true that the "thing" will not be the "thing" that you think…

Most of the times when we talk about the theoretical concept by logical thinking we cannot really predict what are we going to get at the end, unless we carry out it into PRACTICAL.

The truth is always weird, there are a lot of thing that we cannot really predict what we are going to get until the end.
Most of the time, we are limited by the cultural thinking of our own thought.

Everything is possible, just the way how you think.
As there is million kind of ways in doing a task. You are the one who will decide how you complete it.
There is no task that cannot be done; just the way that how you want it to be done.

“… that is impossible!!!”
Sometimes, people are keeping telling themselves that the thing is impossible to be done.
They are actually limiting themselves into a tiny box when they said the words.
Try to think out of the box, as we should believe ourselves that, we can do it better and better.

Just do it before you say:” it is impossible!”
Everything is possible in our life; we should push our limit beyond the limit that we set for ourselves.

And do not scare of the problem that you will face, because you should know that ……….
You can solve it!!!

Here, I would like to thanks all my seniors, especially those who are from the mechanism department giving me the opportunity in exploring in the world of mechanism, it is tough…..but it is really nice when we create something that we want to…

By kkx (August 20, 2010)


khinhooi said...

nice post.

There is a concept called the lateral thinking which is very important in a team like robocon.

Lateral Thinking is actually a tool for creativity and helps to create creative ideas even though you sometimes stuck there.

kxkhor said...

That is what we call lateral thinking?
Thanks for the sharing.

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