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Friday, July 16, 2010

News - Workshops Content

Our workshops is divided into two parts namely Mechanical Workshop and Electronics Workshop. This initiative is to encourage more student from various faculty to join in ROBOCON and experience the meaning of becoming a member of ROBOCON team.

ROBOCON Mechanical Workshop

Latching and Milling
A crucial part of mechanical where raw material is used to form usable parts in robotic by scrapping of excess material. Two available methods are used namely latching and milling where latching uses rotational movement while milling uses lateral and vertical movement of the cutter.

SolidWork 3D Software
Before going into the construction of the robots, designs should be made. One of the 3D software that was chosen is SolidWorks because of the user friendly provided. Using our own ROBOCON library for constructing the 3D object, the software too provide simulation for our robots movement.

ROBOCON Electronics Workshop

Circuit Design
Electronics circuits is like the blood stream of a robots, without them, a robot would be functionless. From basic function circuitry to the microcontroller circuitry, the design is very important to make sure there is no bug and less noise in our circuit.

Robotics Programming in C
For a robot to move, it would need to have an instruction or sequence from a human. Therefore, C programming is used to create this instruction and compiled into the robot to execute it's purpose. Robotics programming could be hard but it is the most fun part of robotics.

Introduction to Control System Engineering
Control is an important part in robotics to make sure the movement of robot suits it's purpose. It is to make sure a movement from a robot is not too fast or not too slow. Therefore, proper control method could be implemented in robotics programming to make sure the robot move in a desirable movement.

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