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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grand Demo In Conjunction With International ABU ROBOCON 2011

Photo of our assistant manager and sponsors

Manual robot in action

Auto 1 robot
Manual operator trying to score

Auto 2 robot

Again, VIP for the grand demo

Changing side for next match

Preparing, preparating

Demo finished, time for speeches

Our assistant manager giving speech

This is that we aim to achieve in Bangkok

Members in action

Thanks to seniors for coming

Enjoying the food

Well, see you in Bangkok!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thailand ROBOCON 2011

Finals in Thailand is different from Malaysia's. It consists of three match to determine the best is chosen to represent Thailand. Nevertheless, both teams get to represent Thailand because they are the host.

Here are the three matches, between
Dhurakijpundit University and Kamphaengphet Technical College

First match winner: Kamphaengphet Technical College

Second match winner: Dhurakijpundit University

Third match winner: Dhurakijpundit University

Saturday, July 2, 2011

China Best Time is less than 50 seconds

As expected. China game will be extraordinary. Anyway, this is the link to the videos. Of course you may search at Youtube, but the link here is from Youku.

Final: Winner Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology

Semi final: Winner Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology

Quarter final: Winner UESTC

Extraordinary performance by UESTC

Of course more videos are available at Youtube or any China video service provider

Friday, July 1, 2011

Phototransistor Line Finder with Fuzzy Logic Part II

In this discussion, I will write about the role of fuzzy logic in the line finder.

This a bit of introduction to fuzzy logic. It was first proposed by Zadeh; and Mamdani used it as a controller. Where the term Fuzzy Logic Controller came out.

Fuzzy logic is widely used in the field of soft computing and artificial intelligence. Basically there is two type, the Mamdani type and TS type. Let's not get into this.

Fuzzy logic can be used in place of digital logic. Well, we can call it analog logic. Imagine an AND gate using digital logic.
0 X 0 = 0
0 X 1 = 0
1 X 0 = 0
1 X 1 = 1

In analog logic, the example will be:
0.10 X 0.05 = 0.05
0.04 X 0.93 = 0.04
0.84 X 0.20 = 0.20
0.83 X 0.98 = 0.83
(Notice the result was based on MINIMUM function, we can use product function if we like)

Back to the line finder. What is the point of using analog logic, when digital logic could be used. It is used to create analog value from the reading.

So, example (analog range 0(left) to 100(right)):
Instead of 000001, we have 99;
Instead of 001100, we have 48;
Instead of 010000, we have 28;
Instead of 100000, we have 5;
et cetera.

Then why analog value instead of digital value?
Well, firstly, it is the resolution. Digital logic gives only limited resolution but in analog logic, the resolution is much higher. Secondly, using analog logic, better control algorithm could be devised. But in UTM ROBOCON, the control is still in the early stage and the current controller is only sufficient if the robots are straight in the first place.

This concludes the second part.
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